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Ethan Bull 4 min read

Reasons Behind the Increasing Popularity of Remote Executive Assistants

Over the last decade, the demand for remote executive assistants (EAs) has increased significantly. As one of the leading providers of remote executive services, ProAssisting has led the way in creating a highly experienced roster of EAs able to complete the tasks and assume the roles and responsibilities that match the needs of the professional. 

There are many different drivers for the increased demand for remote executive assistants in companies of all sizes. We also see an increase in the number of small business owners and startups that choose remote EAs rather than bringing in full-time EA staff.

 Remote Executive Assistant working at computer

Lower Costs 

Businesses that lower overhead and expenses can keep the cost of their products and services highly competitive. Hiring a remote executive assistant from ProAssisting is less than half the cost of hiring an EA for full-time work in the office. 

However, the cost reductions are not just in a reduction in salary. Hiring our professionals eliminates payroll taxes, the need to pay for employee benefits, and the cost of onboarding and ongoing training. 

Work-Ready Professionals  

Remote executive assistants are highly skilled at what they do. Our process effectively matches the business or professional with an EA who has the experience and skills to immediately start work and provide the services required. 

From managing emails to project management, our EAs are here to provide the services you need both now as well as in the future. To find out more, schedule a free consultation by clicking the link below. 

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Ethan Bull

Co-Founder of ProAssisting

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