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Can a Remote Executive Assistant be in my inbox to handle as much as possible without my intervention?
Yes, they can. Many of our Remote EA's answer on their client's behalf and the recipients never know the difference. 
What protection do I have if I provide them access to my inbox and credit card number?

All of our assistants are bonded & insured (errors and omission insurance as well as criminal liability insurance) along with biometric & 2-factor authentication security on their email accounts.

What is the term of the agreement? When you sign a contract with ProAssisting, it is a month-to-month contract only requiring a 20-day notice before the next invoice for cancellation. 
Who typically hires a remote executive assistant? Many board members, entrepreneurs, business owners and C-suite executives benefit from a remote executive assistant. Most of our clients have had an executive assistant previously and understand the true value they bring to the table. However, if you haven't worked with an assistant before, we're experts at managing up and teaching our clients how to get the most out of their partnership with their assistant.
What does the onboarding process look like? Before your onboarding call with your executive assistant, we will forward a new client questionnaire that you are able to fill out prior to your kick-off call or go over with your assistant verbally on your kick-off call. We've compiled best practices to successfully integrate your new remote executive assistant
How much does a remote executive assistant cost? $3,000 per month for daily, full service support instead of hiring a full-time executive assistant.
No payroll taxes, benefit, and equipment costs, or expenses. Top-level support for 50-80% less than hiring in-house.
Do I get to pick the Remote Executive Assistant that I would like to work with? You do not. One of the reasons to partner with us is that we have over thirty years of experience identifying, interviewing and hiring executive assistants. Our Remote Executive Assistants are vetted through a rigorous interview process which includes reference checks, resume & LinkedIn profile reviews, personality/work ethic assessment and a background check. 95% of our applicants who want to work with us don't make the cut. Based on our conversation with you and your specific needs, we'll be able to partner you with the right assistant. It is incredibly unusual that the fit isn’t right. However, if a shift is necessary, we will work with you to find a better partnership for your needs and ensure a smooth transition.

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