Our Pricing

buying yourself more time


Our world-class remote executive assistant support takes the place of hiring a full-time, on-site executive assistant. We don’t charge by the hour but rather based on our expertise and experience earned from years of working for C-suite executives in multi-million and multi-billion dollar businesses.

Given that we work remotely and service a maximum of 3 clients per remote executive assistant, you get access to top-level support for 50-70% less than you would pay for a full-time employee with comparable experience. 

We also don’t sacrifice the same daily, individual, continuous and high-level partnership that comes from working with a top executive assistant. If you’ve worked with a great EA before or seen one in action, you know what we’re talking about. And if you haven’t, let us show you. We call it ‘high-touch hospitality’.

Schedule a free introductory call to discuss your business, your ‘pain points’ and personal needs and we’ll explain how our support could integrate into your life. Then, together, we’ll decide if we’re ‘a fit’ and if so, talk next steps. If not, we’ll suggest other services that might be better suited for you and your business.

Let’s talk.

All of our clients enjoy unlimited email communication, specified turn around times, and ‘as needed’ status calls to keep you and your business moving forward.


"Through ProAssisting, I have no doubt Ethan and Stephanie will provide 'true right hand support' for their clients too!"

sharon napier, CEO