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ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

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Remote Executive Assistance

Don't just buy more time, gain more value

Our world-class, remote, executive assistant support takes the place of hiring a full-time, on-site executive assistant. We don’t charge by the hour but rather based on our expertise and experience earned from years of working for C-suite executives in multi-million and multi-billion dollar businesses.

Schedule a free introductory call to discuss your business, your ‘pain points’ and personal needs and we’ll explain how our support could integrate into your life. Then, together, we’ll decide if we’re ‘a fit’ and if so, talk next steps. If not, we’ll suggest other services that might be better suited for you and your business.

Remote Executive Assistants Versus the Alternatives

Other Companies Virtual Assistants

Price & quality varies
Ideal for short-term task-based support
10+ to 1 executive to assistant ratio can be expected
Inconsistent working hours and response times on requests
Hourly rates between $5-$40 per hour discourage efficiency
Varying levels (if any) of real-world assistant experience
Virtual Assistants are a good option to check off your to-do list tasks. However, finding a true partner with the real-world experience to back it up is trial and error.

In-house Executive Assistant

$100-$150K+ salary in metropolitan cities, $60-$85K in middle-market cities - plus taxes, benefits, equipment & expenses
Paying for inherent downtime in the role
Restriction on Executive Assistant talent based on geography in addition to needing a recruiter to find such talent
Not ideal for start-ups, medium-sized organizations, remote companies, principals who frequently travel
A top-level, In-house Executive Assistant is the right partner for a leader of a Fortune 500 company or equivalent high-net-worth Entrepreneur. However, a majority of business leaders don't need this level of in-house support.

What Our Clients Say

“As the CEO of a rapidly growing technology company, I needed more assistance but I wasn’t ready to hire someone. And ProAssisting has been amazing for that..."


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ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

Still wondering about the RIGHT fit?

Many board members, entrepreneurs, business owners and C-suite executives don't realize that they have options when it comes to an executive assistant. Check out our guide, The State of the Assistant in a Remote World,  to see what level of support is the right fit for you!

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