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ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

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Remote, Fractional Executive Assistance

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What We Do

ProAssisting provides fractional, remote, high-level executive assistant support to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Non-executive Board Directors, Business owners and known personalities.

Our value and what sets ProAssisting apart

Our 3-to-1 executive to assistant ratio limits the number of clients each of our Executive Assistants partners with to a maximum of 3 which ensures dedicated support.

We charge a flat retainer rate at 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 resources that a client utilizes. This includes up to 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 of the EA's time. It also includes:

1. Their hard EA career experience and their high-touch hospitality mindset which we identify through our recruitment process. Our EAs would command six figure compensation in major metropolitan areas.

2. The exclusivity of your EA partnership. You know that you’re sharing your support with a maximum of 2 other clients which provides you with consistent communication and availability as if they were a full-time employee and there for you M-F / 9-5pm with support after-hours and on weekends in atypical situations or should you be traveling.

3. Your partner EA’s legacy knowledge about you, your business, your personal commitments, your preferences and your industry builds over time which creates more efficiency and keeps an ever-growing list of questions and tasks off your plate as your partnership grows.

This model was created as a direct result of Stephanie’s and Ethan’s career EA experience and leading teams of EAs, and they proved this model by working directly with clients in this fashion since 2018 when ProAssisting launched.

Why our Partner Executive Assistants come to ProAssisting

80% of your monthly retainer is passed directly to your EA -unheard of in the virtual assistant industry- which compensates them appropriately based on their experience. Top-level EAs stay with us because we understand the role, the value they provide and our business model which compensates them based on their service and track record.

Their consistent compensation month in and month out allows our EAs to focus on providing exceptional support instead of looking for ‘more hours’ from either current or new clients.

We don’t insert ourselves between our Partner EAs and their Clients. Both you and your EA are meant to create a true working partnership.

When needed, we coach our Partner EAs and our Clients to make sure that the service being provided and received aligns with your needs and our outlined service.

Our partner EAs want to focus on their Client work instead of marketing themselves and their service, sales, agreements, invoicing and advertising. They leave that to us.

How ProAssisting Compares

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ProAssisting Resource Pricing

1/3 Resources

Satisfies 70% of our clients' long-term support needs and is where most of our new Clients begin their partnership
Our 3-to-1 executive to EA ratio ensures daily, comprehensive support
Expert level, real-world executive assistant experience

No long-term commitment

No payroll taxes, benefits, equipment costs or expenses
Unlimited email communication, specified turn-around times for communication and projects, and ‘as needed’ or ‘unscheduled’ calls and communication
Business Partner + Chief of Staff + Project Manager + Assistant/scheduler + Personal Assistant
A true business partner you can trust to represent and execute on your behalf with discretion, poise, and emotional intelligence to keep you and your business moving forward.
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1/2 Resources

Satisfies 10% of our clients and their long-term support needs
Same comprehensive support as 1/3 resources, just some more

2/3 Resources

Satisfies 20% of our clients and their long-term support needs
Same comprehensive support as 1/3 resources, just doubled

What Our Clients Say

“As the CEO of a rapidly growing technology company, I needed more assistance but I wasn’t ready to hire someone. And ProAssisting has been amazing for that..."


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ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

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