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ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

Virtual Assistants vs Remote Executive Assistants

The difference is game-changing

You deserve a true partner

You need a partner who can support you, and consistently be one step ahead of your needs! Your priority should be on the success of your business – driving the business as the C-Suite executive you were meant to be. A ProAssisting remote executive assistant is the perfect solution.

Many of our current clients come to us after trying their luck with a virtual assistant. Across the board, clients felt that their virtual assistant was never truly part of their team and that they weren't genuinely interested in helping advance their business.

ProAssisting remote executive assistants serve our clients holistically, integrating ourselves as your business partner, project manager, chief of staff, scheduler and personal assistant. Our remote executive assistants invest in both your business and you, becoming experts in your company's mission, your team, and your personal life. The value of our remote executive assistants becomes a bigger asset to you the longer you work with us.



From Virtual Assistance to Remote Executive Assistance:

Transform Your Experience

ProAssisting Executive Assistants provide high-touch hospitality and a level of service that comes from real EA experience. Expand each section to see the difference.

From: "I never felt that my virtual assistant was a part of my team."


If you find yourself with no time to do the research on an important purchase or critical client meeting, or simply scrambling to get on a call because the meeting link or phone number wasn’t in the meeting invitation, we can help.

By providing you with daily, full service support, ProAssisting remote executive assistants eliminate bottlenecks, allowing you to move at a quick and productive pace.

From: "My virtual assistant didn't think or act proactively. They reacted or completed a task without thinking the next steps through."


Given the years of experience ProAssisting remote executive assistants have from serving as top-level executive assistants, you get the benefit of that experience in outside the box thinking, alternate suggestions and tried and true solutions to all your logistical, travel, scheduling and personal needs.

From: "I felt like a number and not a client with a virtual assistant."


By limiting the number of clients each ProAssisting remote executive assistant serves to 3, they are able to be fully engaged with each client on a day in and day out basis and provide full service, daily assistant support.

ProAssisting remote executive assistants help you and your business shine.

At a Glance:
The differences between a ProAssisting EA and a Virtual Assistant

From experience and dedication to workload and responsiveness, the differences between a remote executive assistant and a virtual assistant are clear.

A ProAssisting remote executive assistant has a minimum of 5+ years assisting a CEO/C-Suite Exec/Business Owner as their executive assistant in an office setting.
A virtual assistant's experience can be from a high school graduate to an administrative assistant to a graphic designer or social media coordinator.
A ProAssisting remote executive assistant is the same person you work with day in and day out and whose knowledge of you, your company, and personal life gets more valuable over time.
A virtual assistant could be part of a team that works on your account, which sacrifices knowledge of your preferences, priority level or strategic objectives when completing tasks, projects or scheduling.
A ProAssisting remote executive assistant serves holistically as your business partner, project manager, chief of staff, scheduler and personal assistant.
A virtual assistant is a task-based assistant that needs guidance and deadline expectations.
A ProAssisting remote executive assistant is located in your time zone of choice to make you the most efficient depending on your business.
A virtual assistant could be in a different time zone from you, making the completion of assigned tasks more difficult to accomplish.
A ProAssisting remote executive assistant is compensated the same amount month in and month out, so they are efficient with their work and provide you with 1/3 of their daily resources.
A virtual assistant charges hourly and thus earns more the longer it takes them to complete tasks and projects.
A ProAssisting remote executive assistant is compensated based on their top-level, executive assistant experience.
A virtual assistant may cost you $43 per hour but the assistant working with you only gets $18 per hour.
A ProAssisting remote executive assistant has a maximum of 3 clients in order to provide daily, full-service support to each of their clients. 

A virtual assistant needs to service 10-20 clients a month at varying levels of support to fill their time.


A ProAssisting remote executive assistant provides unlimited email communication, specified turnaround times, and 'as needed' status calls.

A virtual assistant is tied to a strict schedule that may not align with your specific needs.

ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

Notice the Difference?

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