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A note from the founders of ProAssisting

Dear Executive Assistants,

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that Executive Assistants can provide top-level support and succeed for their principals/bosses by working remotely.

Here at ProAssisting, we’ve been working remotely for clients since 2018. We used to have to explain to people considering our service what ‘remote work’ actually is. Needless to say, we don’t have to explain that any longer.

The question for you is: Do you like working remotely and are you dreading heading back into the office and the commute that goes along with that?

Another question: Have you looked at working with virtual assistant companies and realized that the compensation being offered -too low- and the number of clients you need to partner with -too many- isn’t in line with your experience or current compensation?

We’d like you to consider a third option—an option that leverages and compensates you for your career’s worth of experience while being able to ‘do what you do’ for your principals/clients remotely. And we want to hear from you.

What is different about being a ProAssisting Remote Executive Assistant?

  • We do require significant executive assistant experience of our remote EA partners—as presented by a resume and LinkedIn profile—as the first step in getting to know each other. With this kind of experience, we’re assuming that our idea of what a top-level executive assistant means to both of us is aligned. In our view, a great EA is a business partner, chief of staff, project manager, assistant/scheduler, and personal assistant.
  • The maximum number of clients that we partner our assistants with is 3. In our experience leading teams of assistants, we believe this 3-to-1 executive to assistant ratio continues to allow our assistants to provide ‘full-service support’ to our clients. From the EA perspective, we allow our EAs to decide how many clients -up to 3- they want from us with the flexibility to work with their own clients directly if they partner with 1 or 2 clients of ours.
  • We put 51% weight behind an EA’s soft skills (interpersonal, self-awareness, hospitality, emotional quotient) while technical skills comprise 49% (computer skills, comfort level with programs, technical troubleshooting). We are a high-touch hospitality company that requires our EAs to have a servant’s heart and thus the slight lean toward soft skills and that ‘can-do’ personality. 
  • We charge our clients a monthly retainer. In turn, we pay a flat rate retainer to our EAs each month, which is not based on hours. The minimum amount that a ProAssisting EA makes (if calculated at an hourly rate) is $48 per hour. That amount can increase from there based on the workflow and efficiency the EA can create with their clients.
  • Given that all of our EAs are independent contractors (like most virtual assistant firms) and responsible for their own taxes, insurance, and equipment, we pride ourselves on compensating our assistants at the highest rate in the industry.
  • We handle all of the marketing, sales, branding, invoicing, collections, agreements, managing client expectations, insurance, and HR issues which allows our EAs to focus on just doing great work.

What do we look for in our partner Executive Assistants?

  • As stated above, we want to see significant executive assistant experience from our applicants. That said, if you have skills in project management, chief of staff, or other assistant roles, and you know in your heart you were doing the role of executive assistant, we want to hear from you.
  • How you present yourself to us through filling out our form below, your resume and LinkedIn profile are extremely important. We can’t speak with everyone, so your form, resume, and profile combined are what we use to give us an idea if we’re going to be a potential fit.
  • When we speak, we want to hear your story, how you view your role as an executive assistant, and why you want to partner with us on 1, 2, or 3 clients.
  • We want to hear ‘work ethic’ come through our conversation loud and clear: that you’re serious about your role, keep your own score and take pride in all the big -and little- things you do to support your principals.
  • We want to hear a service-based mindset that rises to the level of hospitality. Can we point to anything, in particular, that tells us this about a candidate? No. Is it a gut feeling? More so than not. Have you ever been thoroughly impressed by a hotel concierge or by a top-level executive assistant at another office but can’t put your finger on why exactly? That’s the feeling we’re going for.

Is any of the above speaking to you? Were you nodding along? Please take a look at our list of position requirements and submit your information below.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


Stephanie Bull & Ethan Bull

P.S. – If you have submitted your information to us before and really feel that you’re what we’re looking for, please re-submit.


  • 5+ years of experience working as an Executive Assistant – in-person or remote – to C-suite executives, business owners, entrepreneurs or known personalities

  • As a top-level Executive Assistant, you understand that your role is a combination of Business Partner + Chief of Staff + Project Manager + Assistant/Scheduler + Personal Assistant

  • US Based (currently)

  • Strong balance between proactiveness  – when you can see two, three or four steps ahead of your principal – and reactiveness when the unexpected arises

  • You possess poise under fire

  • Discretion with sensitive information – you think along the lines of attorney-client privilege with the information you handle

  • Your interpersonal skills shine through email, phone and video conference

  • Desire to ‘WOW’ your principals in both little and big ways

  • When you hear the term high-touch hospitality, you instinctively understand what that means

  • Type A personality ‘at work’ who keeps their own score and HATES making mistakes

  • Ability to transfer your working style and tactics easily between Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or any other email, contacts and calendar system

  • Sense of urgency when appropriate

  • Ability to work business hours in your time zone

  • Ability to work from home in an ‘office’ environment: high-speed internet access; modern computer with 8G of RAM+; Bluetooth headset; smartphone; quiet environment for calls and video calls without interruptions from kids or animals

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Having worked as, and led, assistant support staff for over a combined 34 years, both Stephanie and Ethan are advocates of the office and business assistant community. They understand the vital functions and value that a true assistant partner provides to their principals. It was from this understanding that they created a business model through ProAssisting that compensates career executive assistants commensurate with their experience for providing high-level support for their clients remotely.
If your experience and understanding of what being a top-level executive assistant align with our above requirements and you’re interested in “doing what you do” remotely, we would love to hear from you. Please apply below.

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