Our Process

service that starts with you day one


The introductions

Consultation Call

Get to know us in a free 30-60 minute phone call; we’ll get to know each other and learn about you and your business. If we then decide we’re a potential ‘fit’, we’ll discuss your “pain points” and how we can relieve them, how to expand your time and reach your objectives quicker.

And if we’re not a ‘fit’, we’ll suggest others who might be.


After our call, we will provide you with an overview of what we discussed and a monthly scope of work (SOW) including our specific fee. Based on this plan, we agree to move forward or add and/or subtract support components to further fine-tune your objectives while meeting your financial needs.

Once these parameters are set and we begin working together, you are always able to add additional ad-hoc projects outside the SOW for an additional fee.

The Details

Retainer SOW

Time is a finite resource and we feel a sense of great pride when we know we’re saving our clients time. Saving them money is a close second.


The Handshake

Agreement and NDA

Upon agreement on the retainer SOW, you will sign our retainer agreement, mutual NDA and send in your first month’s payment.


Getting started


Through a call, we gather all of the needed information to get started working for you. We will also explain and answer any questions you may have about our policies and procedures. We’ll also get up and running on your email system and gain access to what we need from you.


Throughout the month, we provide a running list of the work we’ve done and the work we’re in the process of doing for you and your business dictated by the SOW. This gives you a bird’s eye view of our support, which helps prompt ideas for how to adjust and prioritize the upcoming month’s workload.

personalizing the process

Continuous Status Reports


Always open to change

SOW Retainer Check-ins

Every 3-6 months, we’ll schedule a call to reassess the SOW parameters of our retainer and adjust up or down based on the previous months’ worth of work, the expansion of your business or your desire to increase our responsibilities to free up even more of your time. If either of us feels that this discussion needs to happen sooner for unforeseen reasons, no problem.