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After deciding that we want to work together and the agreement is signed, new clients are always concerned about how the onboarding process works and how long it will take. By working through the below process, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see tangible value from your executive assistant partnership in as little as a week or two given our efficient onboarding process.


Questionnaire & Onboarding Call

Before your onboarding call with your executive assistant, we will forward a new client questionnaire that you are able to fill out prior to your kick-off call or go over with your assistant verbally on your kick-off call. These questions cover everything from your travel preferences, meeting preferences, VIP people in your world to any food allergies, personal contacts for scheduling/adjusting appointments, frequent flyer numbers, website logins and family contact information. This questionnaire and call will diminish our learning curve and help us hit the ground running.


White Label Integration

All of our clients create an email account on their system/domain name for email, contacts and calendar for their executive assistant. This email account looks just like yours and has the same branding signature as if your EA was in the office next door. This also allows for your assistant to have access to your calendar, contacts and – if you wish – your email account.


Introductions & Ongoing Inclusion

During this first week of your onboarding month, you should introduce your new EA via email to your company employees, clients, vendors and anyone else who they may be interacting with on your behalf. From this point forward, you should be including your EA on any email communication that you think could benefit by having them included. This starts with replying to emails you receive asking you for your time, and can continue through business and personal emails to keep your EA in the loop. Armed with this information, they’ll be able to better prioritize, keep your schedule up-to-date and be able to foresee any unknown conflicts.


As-needed Status Calls

If you need weekly, bi-weekly or tri-weekly status calls, our executive assistants are here for you. This is in addition to the daily emails, texts and unscheduled calls that keep your business and life moving forward.


Phone Sheet / To-Do List / Follow-ups

Some of our clients benefit from having their EA keep a running list of calls, follow-ups, and to-dos all in one place that they review together on status calls. Other clients prefer to communicate this list solely by email. Whatever tactic we can use to optimize your time, we will.


Your World & How You Work

A top-level EA is able to adapt like a chameleon to the working style of their principals. It’s not until we’re fully integrated into your world that we would suggest any changes to how things are done and only if you’re looking for ideas on how to potentially work more efficiently. 

Imagine the possibilities and value of having a true right hand, remotely.


Lizabeth Zlatkus

"In my roles as a senior executive running multi-billion dollar businesses, or as CFO, my assistant was invaluable. After transitioning to my current position as a Non-Executive Board Director, I wanted similar personal support but didn't think I could find high caliber, confidential assistance that wasn't cost prohibitive. Then I was connected with ProAssisting. I have been with them over a year now and highly recommend their remote executive assistants to anyone who longs for their previous right-hand support."

Lizabeth Zlatkus Former C-suite Executive at The Hartford & current Non-Executive Board Director
ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

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