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How To Hire The Perfect Remote Executive Assistant

Creating Freedom to Focus

Having that freedom while knowing your business is effectively managed is a major reason many businesses hire remote executive assistants from ProAssisting. We hire only highly skilled executive assistants with significant experience in working for professionals across a variety of industries, allowing us to pair your company with the right remote executive assistant for the job. 

In addition, there are several other reasons to choose a remote executive assistant for your business. These include:

  • A trusted resource – our executive assistants have the skills and abilities to take on the tasks you need to make your business administration more effective and efficient. 
  • Timely responses and scheduling – the remote executive assistant access your email, responds on your behalf and coordinates the scheduling of critical meetings and events. At the same time, they manage spam and sort emails to allow you to prioritize critical communications. 
  • Administrative management – working remotely does not mean being out of communication. Our remote executive assistants can be reached by text, email, or phone, providing administrative oversight and management for remote workers and in-house office staff. 
  • Take on projects – project and event management, planning, and coordination is a specialization of our team of remote executive assistants. 
  • Become the single point of contact – streamlining information and collecting the data you need to make the right decisions adds efficiency.

    The best way to ensure the correct match between a remote executive assistant and a professional leader is to use ProAssisting. We have developed a comprehensive process that allows us to match the remote executive assistant with your needs through a comprehensive questionnaire and an onboarding call.

    However, there are several steps in the background that help us to match the right executive assistant (EA) with the needs of the business professional. The full process results in highly effective placement and the ability for our EAs to immediately and seamlessly integrate into the business.


Our Hiring Process

We carefully assess every applicant. We only approve executive assistants with real-world experience and with expert-level skills and business experience. Each EA must have a significant understanding and working knowledge of business technology and systems, eliminating the need for lengthy onboarding or oversight once the EA is assigned specific tasks. 

In our opinion, the soft skills or the hospitality aspects of the EA are equally important. We carefully select our team based on their ability to connect with and understand what you want and need to be completed for your business. 

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Free Consultation 

The first step for the business professional is to schedule a free consultation or complete our questionnaire. The consultation, which is about 30 minutes, gives us a clear picture of what you expect and if we are a good fit for your needs. 

The Questionnaire 

Completing the questionnaire provides a framework for the specifics of what you want the remote executive assistant to manage. This can include some or all administrative, project management, or personal assistant types of tasks. 

Finally, an onboarding call allows the professional and the remote executive assistant to review all information, set up necessary email accounts and access to other software, applications, or programs, and to fully understand how to best help in your professional role.

For more information on how a remote executive assistant can help your business, call us at 888-934-4944 or grab time on my calendar for a free consultation by clicking the button below.

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Ethan Bull

Co-Founder of ProAssisting

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