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Stephanie Bull 7 min read

One Week with a Remote Executive Assistant Accomplishment

Business partner, chief of staff, project manager, scheduler, personal assistant. These are just a few of the roles a great executive assistant can fill for you.

Working with a remote executive assistant allows you to take myriad tasks off your plate — both professional and personal — so you can focus on the things only you can do.

Wondering what a ProAssisting remote executive assistant can handle for you in a week?

In just one week, ProAssisting CEO and top executive assistant, Stephanie Bull, spearheaded numerous projects to alleviate her client’s workload. These tasks included things like leading employee goal-setting, managing her principal’s email inbox, coordinating the scheduling of various board meetings, compiling expense reports, researching company retreat venues, booking personal appointments, and even performing research related to an illness her principal’s family pet was experiencing.

The following is a brief account of how a ProAssisting remote executive assistant streamlined her client's day-to-day operations over the course of one week:

Sunday (PM)

I like to begin my workweek on Sunday evening to take the anxiety and pressure off Monday mornings. By reviewing emails that come into my client’s inbox over the weekend, I feel well prepared for the day ahead.

My client has an early Monday morning call, so I send her a reminder about it as well as the context of the call. Even after just a couple of days off, it’s helpful so that she presents well on the call.


My inbox triage work doesn’t feel daunting today after yesterday’s preparations.

I spend time reviewing materials for my client’s board meeting scheduled for tomorrow and highlight relevant sections to which she should pay special attention.

I also spend time researching a prescription’s side effects and alternative treatments for a medical condition that her dog has been diagnosed with.


Today was one of those days where my client was very quiet all day until about 4pm, which tends to happen when your principal is in meetings all day and then has a full plate of tasks to share with you.

My client’s 40 employees have to create goals for the upcoming fiscal year, so she has appointed me to manage and organize the process. I begin by reaching out to each team lead and creating a spreadsheet to keep me on track. I also need to create a timeline with reminders of deadlines.


I continue to organize the initial submission of goals and reformatting to ensure consistency across the board. I reach out to a few of the managers for clarification on goals to make sure they are categorized properly according to my client’s specifications.

I also have a call with my client to discuss the calendar I manage containing the 3 boards she sits on. Each board has several meeting and call commitments throughout the year and one of my principal tasks is to communicate with each board to avoid double-booking dates.


I’m spending my day on expense reports to be submitted to the boards that my client serves on and scheduling several personal appointments. I am able to multi-task working on the reports while I am waiting on hold to make the appointments.


My client has asked me to research venues for the annual company retreat in 2021, a somewhat challenging task during these pandemic times. I need to find an appropriate location within our budget with a generous cancellation policy.

I always like to present three options for a project like this which I will submit with all the details as well as my personal thoughts and recommendations so it helps my client make an informed decision.

Your personal and professional right hand

If you’re bogged down with tasks that could be handled by an experienced assistant, liberate yourself with ProAssisting. You can place your confidence in a high-caliber, discreet assistant and refocus on the important responsibilities that only you can accomplish. Our proven process will save you hours out of your day and provide you cost-effective value beyond the alternatives.


Wondering if a remote executive assistant is the right fit?

Many board members, entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-suite executives don't realize that they have options when it comes to an executive assistant. Check out our guide, The State of the Assistant, to see what level of support is the right fit for you!

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Stephanie Bull

Stephanie thrived working for two different multi-billion dollar hedge fund CEOs, and the CEO of J.Crew by using her superb interpersonal skills, attention to detail and customer/client focused mindset to meet the high level of expectations set by her demanding, discerning and successful bosses. From project managing an office build-out in NYC as well as the construction and decoration of an estate on the coast of Connecticut, to coordinating worldwide travel itineraries via private jet charters with first class accommodations, Stephanie has the ability to see the vision and end result of any project or task and work towards that goal to successful completion. A graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, outside of work Stephanie enjoys reading, dinner with friends, walks with her dog, Sadie, and coordinating early Sunday morning pillow fights on Ethan with her two sons, Wyatt and Henry.

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