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Ethan Bull 2 min read

CEOs Are Moving To Remote Teams and It’s a Win for All of Us

Grit Daily recently sat down with Ethan Bull to discuss the rise in demand of the remote executive assistant and how ProAssisting is reshaping the industry.


While remote work has certainly been on the rise in the last ten years, especially among millennials and “digital nomads,” it could very soon even become as common, if not more common, than working in an actual office.

What started as a trend of outsourcing to remote executive assistants has morphed into entire companies of thousands of employees, e.g. WordPress and Github, working remotely. The decision by corporate leaders to go “remote” isn’t purely out of magnanimity either — research shows that productivity and profitability can skyrocket thanks to many benefits of allowing employees to work remotely....READ FULL ARTICLE



Ethan Bull

Co-Founder of ProAssisting

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