From people we've worked with


Hui Chen

HC Ethics, LLC

"Stephanie has worked with me since the inception of my solo consulting business, and I couldn't have done it without her! It is such an enormous help to have someone who would take care of my invoices and deal with clients' complex payment processes, and do so with terrific organizational and people skills. I trust her with my credit cards, tax forms, expenses, invoices, and she has been unfailingly responsible and responsive. She has become an integral part of my business life."



Brent Vartan

Managing Partner, Bullish Inc.

"Ethan Bull was my lighthouse when I worked with him. I was always running in three different directions trying to do five different things and - somehow - get it all done. He has a sixth sense for support. He is as empathetic and understanding when things change as he is firm and fair - and inventive - when they just can't.

I never really thought of him as an "assistant"… he was more of an ally. And for that, I am eternally grateful.”



Sharon Napier

CEO, Partners + Napier

“Working with Ethan raised my expectations for what I should expect out of true 'right hand' support. Not just answering phones and scheduling appointments, but rather a project manager on my behalf for our pro bono work; an event planner for our inter agency events; and even helping my husband pull off a holiday surprise gift for me—true ‘right hand’ support that helped amplify my impact on Partners + Napier. Through ProAssisting, I have no doubt Ethan and Stephanie will provide the same support for their clients too!”



Erica Grau

Partner / COO, Deutsch, Inc.

"Ethan was a highly-valued executive assistant for over 13 years at Deutsch. Not only did he excel at the basics, but his smarts, sharpness, and well-honed writing skills were essential given the many demands of a career at Deutsch. And, while Ethan was well-liked and friendly with many across the agency, I trusted him implicitly to keep sensitive information confidential.

Any executive would benefit from Ethan’s assistance.”


"Without hesitation, I’m happy to recommend Ethan and ProAssisting to help any company needing guidance with their assistant population."

Felicia Geiger

Director of Human Resources, Mission

"While at Deutsch, I had the pleasure of partnering with Ethan Bull, our Director of Administrative Services, when it came to managing our assistant population. His expertise helped us define our executive-to-assistant ratio specific to Deutsch. He also screened our assistant candidates for cultural fit, trained new and existing assistants on email, contact, and calendar management to create consistency across all assistant positions and handled interpersonal issues that inevitably arose between our executives and their assistants. 

As HR budgets are continually squeezed, being able to have a full time Director of Administrative Services isn’t always feasible. When I learned that ProAssisting was adding a consulting arm to their business to assist larger companies with just that, I nodded wholeheartedly.”



Kirsten Kearns

Global Head of Human Resources

"I worked closely with Stephanie for 7 years when she was executive assistant to the CEO of a prominent hedge fund in NY.

Stephanie was a tremendous asset to the CEO and the Firm. She delivered high-quality work, was extremely professional, and results driven. No task was ever too big or small for Stephanie and her ability to multi-task with precision set her apart.

Stephanie is extremely discrete and trustworthy - she managed personal banking transactions and was privy to confidential trading and personnel information. Her can do, positive attitude is infectious and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend Stephanie for any EA role."

“No task was ever too big or small for Stephanie and her ability to multi-task with precision set her apart.”