ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

High-touch executive assistance designed for board members

You’re accustomed to top-notch support. We can provide it — remotely.

Overwhelmed with email, scheduling, booking travel, time tracking, tech support and other administrative tasks or projects?

We handle your busy work — personal and professional — remotely and save you hours out of your days, weeks, and months by partnering you with a cost-effective remote executive assistant who has extensive experience supporting executives like you.

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appointments & scheduling Appointments & Scheduling

By interfacing with your inbox, calendar, and contacts, we can set up all of your meetings and appointments so you can stay on track with everything else. 

Chief Point of Contact Chief Point of Contact

From business partners to your family and friends to new prospects to your landscaper, we can act as your point of contact to anyone who needs guidance.

Ongoing & Ad Hoc Projects Ongoing & Ad Hoc Projects

From a project that needs monthly support to a one-off party or event, we’ve planned it all before and can do it for you, too.


What Our Clients Say

“As the CEO of a rapidly growing technology company, I needed more assistance but I wasn’t ready to hire someone. And ProAssisting has been amazing for that..."


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The ProAssisting Difference

Our world-class, remote, executive assistant support takes the place of hiring a full-time, on-site executive assistant. We don’t charge by the hour but rather based on our expertise and experience earned from years of working for C-suite executives in multi-million and multi-billion dollar businesses.

  • Our model was developed from more than 34 years of top-level EA experience.

  • Understand not only the pricing but the value we deliver daily.
  • We hand-pick our remote executive assistants — assistants who have years of C-Suite, in-office experience — to deliver you the best support for up to 80% less cost compared to a full-time executive assistant.

  • With our low 3-to-1 client to assistant ratio, you’re ensured daily, comprehensive support with a dedicated executive assistant who provides tailored — and more personalized — support over time.

  • We are bonded, insured, and execute mutual NDAs with all of our clients so your private & confidential information remains so.

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Don't just buy more time, gain more value

With the right executive support you may be able to join that additional board or charity, invest time advising that new start-up… or you could spend more time with family and friends as your remote executive assistant researches and plans your next personal trip or handles behind-the-scenes logistics for the board(s) and philanthropies you’re involved with. Imagine the possibilities.

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Remote Executive Assistants Versus the Alternatives

Virtual Assistant

Price & quality varies
Ideal for short-term task-based support
10+ to 1 executive to assistant ratio can be expected
Inconsistent working hours and response times on requests
Hourly rates between $5-$40 per hour discourage efficiency
Varying levels (if any)of real-world assistant experience
Virtual Assistants are a good option to check off your to-do list tasks. However, finding a true partner with the real-world experience to back it up is trial and error.

In-house Executive Assistant

$100-$150K+ salary in metropolitan cities, $60-$85K in middle-market cities - plus benefits, taxes, equipment & expenses
Paying for inherent downtime in the role
Restriction on Executive Assistant talent based on geography in addition to needing a recruiter to find such talent
Not ideal for start-ups, medium-sized organizations, remote companies, principals who frequently travel
A top-level, In-house Executive Assistant is the right partner for a leader of a Fortune 500 company or equivalent high-net-worth Entrepreneur. However, a majority of business leaders don't need this level of in-house support.
ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

The State of the Assistant in a Remote World

The assistant support provided to executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals has been and continues to evolve as technology and expectations shift to meet the needs of people who need and use assistants.

Check out how ProAssisting views the assistant landscape in a Remote World!