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These entrepreneurs have found love in marriage and business

Stephanie and Ethan Bull have a thriving family and a growing, 7-figure business, ProAssisting

Stephanie and Ethan Bull have found the perfect balance in their marriage and company they co-founded, ProAssisting.

Over the last 5 years, ProAssisting – which provides remote executive assistants on a fractional basis for top CEOs, Board Directors and entrepreneurs – has grown exponentially to the 7-figure revenue level. Their family, which began with marriage in 2007 and now includes 12- and 8-year-old sons, has never been stronger, they said.

“We’re the happiest we’ve ever been,” said Ethan, who, like Stephanie, served as a full-time EA for decades in New York City before becoming an entrepreneur.

Since rebranding the company in 2018, ProAssisting has taken off, growing from nearly $300,000 in revenue in 2020, to $761,000 in 2021, $1.536 million in 2022 with a projection of nearly $2 million this year, Ethan said.

In addition, the Bulls’ first book, “The 29-Hour Work Day,” which was released in 2022 will debut an Audible version later this year. The book is a high-performer’s guide to leveraging their executive assistant to support personal and professional growth.

“It’s about having that person that you know, like and trust and who knows, likes and trusts you,” Ethan said.

This year, Ethan and Stephanie also will be expanding ProAssisting to include training and a community focused on best practices for assistants so assistants can create their own small business and companies. Stephanie said she also is hiring an executive assistant for the ProAssisting brand as well.

Starting at $3,000 a month, ProAssisting offers expert-level, real-world EA experience with US based EAs for clients, including New York Times Best-Selling Author Karen Finerman, former Fortune 500 CFO Lizabeth Zlatkus and CEO Leo Moon, among others.

The Bulls were married in 2007 and launched the first version of ProAssisting in 2009 as a side hustle to their full-time careers as EAs. The original company focused on creating and training EAs similar to those in the hit film “The Devil Wears Prada” as Stephanie herself was an EA for a major fashion CEO.

Though the initiative was profitable, it never truly caught on, Ethan said, but the couple went full-time into the entrepreneur world in 2018 after moving from New York City to upstate New York in 2015, having two sons and Ethan being laid off from his full-time EA position.

Stephanie said the Bulls are great at separating work and business from home life even though they work out of their house together.

“We’ve been forced to communicate better,” Stephanie said. “It’s strengthened our marriage, which in turn makes our business relationship better.”

Ethan-and-StephanieBull-smallLike any great business partnership, ProAssisting has a visionary and integrator in Ethan and Stephanie, respectively. Ethan describes himself as the “entrepreneur hustler” with Stephanie serving as the “guard rail.”

“We thought this would work when we started [ProAssisting], but you never know until you take action and see what happens,” Stephanie said. “And I feel like our marriage has gotten stronger working together.”

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