Program Specifics

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The ProAssisting Training Program teaches you real-world assistant skills and tactics that make you stand out as an invaluable member of your company’s team. The program includes:

  1. 73-minutes e-learning modules teaching the skills and attitude you need to excel in an assistant position.
  2. A members-only forum moderated daily to quickly answer your questions on how to improve, advance and handle specific problems.
  3. Downloadable templates, tools and checklists that enhance your abilities and power up your effectiveness.
  4. Internet-based resources that simplify and streamline your job for maximum efficiency.

PLUS you get direct email access to Ethan and Stephanie, leveraging their 20+ years of combined assisting experience, to seek career advice or ask any question you have that you wish to keep private and off of the members-only forum.

No other assistant training program offers an insider’s expertise with the tools you need for career advancement. You will:

•Learn the foundation of being a successful assistant in less than two hours.

•Get the tips, tricks and tools that have stood the test of innumerable different industries and company cultures.

•Have the experts at your beck and call to answer your questions as they arise -no waiting for weeks to get the help with a problem you have today.

•Gain the trust and respect of your boss and peers in less than a month.

•Leverage templates and systems that have taken us years to learn and perfect; they’re yours today, without your lifting a finger.

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