Executives, HR Departments & Office Managers

When we created our assistant training program, the Executives, Human Resources Managers and Office Managers in companies with multiple assistants were top of mind.

We’ve found that many companies have a “fill the seat and see if they work out” mentality when it comes to assistant positions.  Our program was specifically designed to change that.

In addition to the benefits to your company described below and getting to “YES” answers on the questions we ask next, you can further understand how The ProAssisting Training Program can help your company by downloading our free white paper here, “Defining Assistant Excellence” (.pdf download).

Now, ask yourself these questions:

-Do you want to cut down on recruiter fees for assistant positions by not having a revolving door of assistants?

-Do you want to be able to hire someone as an assistant who might not have assistant experience but fits your culture, shows drive and could turn into a long term employee?

-Do you want temp or back-up assistants to be able to seamlessly fill in for an assistant who is out of the office and not miss a beat?

-Do you want to be able to point to specific standards when giving assistant reviews or when presenting cause for letting an assistant go?

-Do you want your company’s assistants to be able to take on more projects or responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed?

When using The ProAssisting Training Program, you can answer “YES” to each of these questions for your company or organization.

We leveraged our 20+ years of assisting experience from a variety of industries and personality types to create our assistant training program.  With our training, we have distilled down to the essence of what an assistant needs to know to be top-level and taken the ambiguity out of what it means to be a successful assistant.

The benefits of using our assistant training program throughout a company or organization are numerous.  With The ProAssisting Training Program, you can:

**Set assistant standards and expectations with the ability to measure those standards**

By having a set standard and providing the training for what you expect of an assistant, it gives you as the manager a point of reference when having a review with an assistant or, should it be necessary, when letting an assistant go for cause.

**Know that all of your assistants have the same processes and skill-set needed to perform at a top-level**

By having continuity of skill-set and processes across all of your assistant positions, it is easy for an assistant who hasn’t sat at a specific desk before to slide in and take control because they know how information is stored, what protocols are followed based on our training and what that office’s “bible” specifies which we encourage all of our assistants to create.

**Retain good assistants and make them great by providing them with the proper training**

Our training can instantly take a good assistant with drive and personality and turn them into a great assistant by giving them the tools, processes and support needed to take them to the next level.

**Increase assistant output without increasing their stress**

The tools and skills that we teach make the work of assisting systematic and streamlined so your current assistants can take on more work and responsibilities without increasing their stress or decreasing their performance.

As an Executive, Human Resources Manager or Office Manager, what more could you want from your assistants?

To speak with us about incorporating The ProAssisting Training Program into your company or organization, please send an email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).