About The Program

Every college graduate dreams of walking into a high-powered career immediately after receiving his or her diploma and stepping off the stage, but we’re afraid it takes a bit more effort than that.

You’ve heard of the corporate ladder -your first step-rung on that ladder is very likely going to be a position as an assistant.

This may have some of you worried, but we’re about to tell you something no one else will: that assistant position is your key to getting your dream career.

As an assistant, you’ll be exposed to the entire company. You’ll get an eagle-eye view of where you want to be headed and how to get there. And you’ll get the knowledge you need to catapult you up that career ladder a lot faster than you would in other entry-level positions.

A few facts you need to know:

  1. Most high-ranking executives started out their careers as assistants.
  2. Most companies like to hire from within when filling open positions -often from the assistant level.
  3. Most companies provide little to no training to explain how assistants can excel at their jobs.

When the time for promotions comes around, assistants are the first place any boss looks for fresh potential and young enthusiasts who are ready for advancement. Unfortunately, since most assistant are simply thrown into the company maelstrom with no preparation or training, they don’t stand out as potential candidates for advancement.

The ProAssisting Training Program is going to make sure you’re ready.

Our program is designed to make you the next shining star in your company. With the skills, training, advice and tools we’ll give you, you’ll be most impressive new employees your company has seen in years -and they’ll know you’re ready to take on even more in a higher position.

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