About Us

In our 20 years of combined executive and personal assistant experience, we realized something missing for new college graduates who stepped into an assisting position as the first step on their career path.

Actually, we realized everything was missing.

Most college graduates are thrown into assistant positions with no training and no guidance on how to succeed. Executive, personal and administrative assistants all have one thing in common -they work in a fast-paced job with no room for error and a great deal of their future career at stake.

We decided to give these newcomers to the world of assisting a hand. We created this e-learning module with real time interaction to give assistants at all levels the guidance they need to succeed.

With the tools, templates, checklists and resources that we’ve personally honed over the years for our own careers, we’ve created a comprehensive assistant training program to help these assistants make the most out of this career opportunity.

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