Little known fact: Many of the top executives in the world started as entry-level assistants. But then did certain things that propelled them up to the executive suite faster than anyone else.
Ever wonder what might happen to your career if you knew what they knew?

The first key of success on this type of career path is to be a top-notch assistant. The problem is that 98% of employers don’t train their assistants; it’s a sink or swim mentality. Either you have the skills, you learn them on your own or you’re out of a job.

Enter The ProAssisting Training Program

Until now, there was no real-world, easy to follow, accessible and cost effective training and support program designed for executive, administrative or personal assistants.

Being trained and supported by The ProAssisting Training Program, we promise you’ll be ready to shine on day one and onto the next step of your career path in the shortest time possible.

You too can adopt The ProAssisting Strategy below and be on your way.

The ProAssisting Strategy

1. Decide what you’re interested in or passionate about and see what industry relates to that interest or passion. If you’re interested, you’ll work harder, be more committed and have a desire to learn and contribute more. Doesn’t matter the industry, you choose.

2. Enroll today, take our training & put ProAssisting on your resume under education.

3. Apply to assistant positions in the industry chosen in step 1.

4. Land an assistant position then use our training & tactics to shine from day one.

5. Once you’ve proved yourself as a valuable member of the team:
    a. Get promoted from within the company onto the career path of your choosing.
    b. Move to a competitor if no openings with your current employer open up.
    c. Change industries if you’re unsatisfied with your initial choice.
    d. Keep assisting if you find the relationship with your boss and the work satisfying.

6. Come back to us when YOU need to train YOUR assistant!

Choose ProAssisting & leverage our 20+ years of assisting experience.

Stephanie and Ethan Bull are working executive and personal assistants with over 20 years of experience who assist two of the most successful and demanding bosses—they wouldn’t have it any other way—within their respective industries.

Their current and previous assisting experience covers such industries as finance, advertising, publishing, film, music and entertainment management. The ProAssisting Training Program is based on their experience in the trenches of the real world from providing the highest level of assistance to their “at-the-top-of-their-game” bosses.

No fluff here, just the complete training, tools and support based on their success that you can use to succeed as an assistant today and put yourself on the career path you want tomorrow.

What’s included in The ProAssisting Training Program?

1. Access to our Member Forum

This is huge! Stephanie and Ethan are here to answer any questions you have about assisting, working in various corporate and entrepreneurial environments, solving interpersonal conflicts with subordinates, peers and superiors… even how to mail merge in Word, fix that copier jam, critique your resume or gift ideas for the holidays… you have access to this support forum 24/7. Plus everything is confidential so you can pass our tips, tricks and advice off as your own. We won’t tell anyone, promise.

2. The complete e-learning modules course

In the 73 minutes that comprise all of these e-learning modules, you will learn everything from how to answer the phone (yes, it matters) to how to book a private jet and everything in between. Again, no fluff here, just what you need to know to shine from day one. Better yet, they’re indexed so you can watch the module you need when you need it.

3. Downloadable templates and checklists

These are the templates and checklists that Stephanie and Ethan use daily so nothing falls through the cracks and so they don’t drop any of the “balls-in-the-air” they’re juggling daily. The templates and checklists include: phone sheet template, travel itinerary template, business letter template, memo template, mail/package log template, company contact sheet template, new boss question list, private plane/charter checklist, new property checklist, meeting checklist, list of computer short-cuts and others. Rest assured that you’ll be armed with everything you need to put in place the systems needed to whip even the most disorganized office into shape. Plus, if you need something that isn’t included, let us know in the member forum and we’ll make one up for you and the rest of our members!

4. Web Resources

Over 68 web resources that Stephanie and Ethan use on a moment’s notice for everything such as travel (international and domestic), writing resources, computer fixes, entertainment directories and many other sites that have truly helped to make them the assistants they are today. Thanks to the Internet they are able to stay even more on top of their game.

5. We serve as a reference for your ProAssisting enrollment & training

Feel free to let current or potential employers contact us to confirm your enrollment in our training. We will confirm your enrollment and assure them that you now have the top-level skills, tools and support at your disposal needed to succeed as a valuable assistant on their team.

6. Direct email access to Stephanie & Ethan

Last but certainly not least, you get direct email access to Stephanie and Ethan. Don’t feel comfortable asking your question in the forum? Upon joining, you will have access to both Stephanie and Ethan for any discreet questions you don’t want the whole community to see. Email away and get the answers you need when you need them.

Armed with all these tactics, templates, checklists, resources, training and specific support, we guarantee you’ll have the confidence and support systems needed to handle any boss in any industry as their assistant.

By enrolling, you also help someone in need through our 1-for-1 partnership!

ProAssisting has formed a 1-for-1 partnership with Dress for Success. Dress for Success is a world wide philanthropy that helps financially disadvantaged women by providing work suits for them to wear to interviews and then, once they land the job, a full week’s worth of work clothes.

For every enrollee we donate a scholarship to a Dress for Success client in your name. Enroll now and help someone in need today!

There’s no risk with our “No Arguments” Guarantee.

Our simple, “No Arguments” guarantee is that if for any reason you’re not thrilled with our training program, we offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. Just send us an email saying our program isn’t what you were looking for, and we’ll refund your money and cancel your membership, no arguments. Really, there is no risk and we mean it.

How much does all of this training and support cost?

credit cardsWe are currently offering two different membership options:

Month-to-Month Option: $19 per month.

Lifetime Membership Option: $77 for life.

**No PayPal membership required, just a valid debit or credit card**

We are a verified PayPal merchant and accept all major credit cards or your PayPal account through the PayPal payment system. This gives you complete control over your ProAssisting enrollment to cancel at any time.

“OK, I’m ready! How do I get started?”

To enroll, please follow the two simple steps below:

Step 1:
Select the type of membership below you would like and pay for it through Paypal with your Credit Card or Paypal account.
Step 2:
Follow the instructions in the email you receive (check your spam folder if it's not in your inbox) to create and activate your account.

Month-to-Month Membership - $19 per month.

Lifetime Membership - $77 for life.

**No PayPal membership required, just a valid debit or credit card**
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We are a verified PayPal Merchant and accept all major credit cards.

What are you waiting for?

The best decision you’ll ever make for your career
is on the other side of those buttons.

Still not convinced?

Here’s what the ProAssisting Training Program will do for you:

  • Teach you everything an assistant should know from answering the phone to booking a private jet with ProAssisting’s e-learning training modules.
  • Arm you with all of the templates and checklists high-level assistants use on a daily basis.
  • Show you the web resources where you can get the information you need when you need it.
  • Most importantly, it will be your private and confidential support system where you get the answers to any questions you have via our private member forum or personal email communication with Stephanie and Ethan.

“OK, but why exactly should I join the ProAssisting Training Program?”

  • Because you want to increase your confidence as a professional assistant knowing you have the tools, training and confidential support to handle any situation.
  • Because you want to put ProAssisting on your resume and reference our training in cover letters and in interviews to show that you take your career seriously.
  • Because you want to break into an industry different than what your college degree prepared you for.
  • Because you want to prove yourself as a valued member of the team knowing that being promoted from within is easier than landing that job from the outside.
  • Because you want to show your family, friends and peers that you have a plan and are ready to tackle the next chapter of your career.

You have nothing to lose with our “No Arguments” guarantee and everything to gain! Go ahead, Enroll Now!

ProAssisting Terms and Conditions

When you enroll in the ProAssisting Training Program, we promise prompt service to all of your technical needs via phone and email. Additionally, we ensure all of your questions posted in our member forum are answered effectively (by Stephanie, Ethan, a ProAssisting representative or other ProAssisting members) no later than 1 day after posting. As a ProAssisting member, you agree to not hold ProAssisting liable for any action taken by you based on advice given by us or other ProAssisting members. Every working environment is different and it is up to you, after taking our advice into consideration, to make all final decisions when it comes to any situation in terms of your job, career and job search. You also understand that you have complete control over your enrollment through PayPal with the ability to cancel your enrollment at anytime. Upon cancellation, you will have access to the training program and support forum one month from the date of your last payment unless you’re a six month or one year member in which case your membership will end six months or one year from the date of your initial enrollment. All training materials, templates and checklists are to be used solely by the paying member and any use of that account by non-paying members is strictly prohibited under U.S. copyright law. Lastly, you have the right to ask for, and will be granted, a refund during the first 30 days of your enrollment based on our “No Arguments” guarantee should you so choose.