Interns (& Internships) ROCK!

interns6979thumbnailI know, I know… ProAssisting is a blog and on-line learning environment for assistants… and it is but before one becomes an assistant, they usually have had some experience working as an intern.

Basically, we believe, interns and internships rock and that anyone in college (and even high school) should be interning during summer breaks and potentially during semesters when they have a break in their schedule.

But why? What’s the point? As an intern, you get real world work experience without the full responsibility of actually pulling down a paycheck from the company. Obviously, the flip side of that coin is that you aren’t making any money but as an intern you’re in the position to gain some valuable things that carry weight out in the real world:

  1. If done well, you will get a letter of recommendation that you can show to future potential employers after you graduate.
  2. You have a position to put on your resume that isn’t directly related to just your college AND you will have actionable items to list under that experience.
  3. You will increase your network of contacts outside of your school which, if cultivated correctly, can lead to future job offers.
  4. You will get a sense of what a 9-5 (usually more) position is like and the work ethic needed to succeed in that situation.

When reading over that list, keep the big picture in mind and realize that at this stage of your career, those things may even be more important than money.

Want help finding that intership?

The Intern Queen is Lauren Berger and she did 15 internships in her 4 years of college… yep, you read that right. Anyway, she started a blog to help others find interships and has also hooked up with the famed movie duo who brought us the web series Quarterlife to create an internship resource center through the Quarterlife brand found HERE. Needless to say, Lauren’s blog is a great resource for students looking for internships and her advice is spot on.

Another great resource can be found at: This site features a different intership every day in addition to having a “past internship” section that you can search through to find past opportunities that you can contact about future opportunities before they are posted in public.

Lastly, if you’re a little nervous about stepping into that company as an intern, our training here at ProAssisting is a great place for anyone starting an internship to get the training needed to be THE Rock Star Intern. Interns are assistants in many respects and our training will help you shine from day one.


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