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Your career and pizza - Part 2

Submitted by Ethan

pizza shopYesterday, in part 1 of this 2 part blog series, I described the philosophy behind and why we created ProAssisting.

You should read part 1 first before you read how pizza fits in with your career below. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

OK, now what in the world does pizza have to do with your career?

When I was about 12 years old, my father had already been in and out of a few different businesses (bar owner, real estate developer, real estate agent, bowling alley owner), a serial entrepreneur if you will, and over a couple slices of pizza one day he told me how, if I ever wanted to, I should go about opening a pizza shop.

Here’s what he said: “Ethan, if you ever want to open a pizza shop, this is how you should go about doing it.”

“How’s that Dad?” Believe it or not, at 12 years old I WAS very interested in business and as far as pizza was concerned, well, I believe to this day that it contains my four major food groups.

“First, you need to figure out where exactly you want to open this pizza shop. Which city or small town do you want to put some roots down and start a business”, he instructed. “Then, after you’ve figured out where you want to open your shop, put a dot on the map of that city or small town and draw a circle 50 miles wide with that dot at the center. Next, you need to identify every single place where you can get a piece of pizza in that circle. Now, are you ready to eat some pizza?” he asked.

“Every day of the week and twice on Sunday.” I replied.

“That’s my boy. OK, now you need to go and try every single piece of pizza in that circle on the map and figure out which piece is the best of the best. You with me?”

I nodded enthusiastically. With that much pizza involved, I’d be up for anything.

“After you’ve nailed down which place makes the best pizza within that circle, you need to get a job in that pizza shop and work there for two years. Learn how they make their sauce, their dough, how hot they heat the over, where they get their toppings, what they charge for their pizza, how they interact with their customers, all of it. Be a sponge and soak up every last bit of detail about how and why this pizza is the best. You with me?” he asked as I was slurping the last drops of my soda.

“I’m with ya.” I replied. Although working for two years in a pizza shop didn’t sound all that exciting, it was still pizza we were talking about.

“Then, after your two years is up and you know every in and out of that pizza shop, quit your job, come to me and we’ll go make pizza.” With that, my Dad returned to his own half eaten slice and asked, “What do you think of this pizza?”

“Too much sauce and not enough cheese.” I answered.

“That’s my boy” my Dad responded.

This story has stuck with me throughout my career and can be applied to any career you’re interested in. Whether that’s advertising, finance, technology, real estate, Hollywood, law, accounting, construction or any industry that you want to conquer, just substitute your chosen industry with “pizza” in our above story and you’ll be off and running.

Being an assistant in your chosen industry is usually the easiest way for you to get your foot in the door, prove yourself as a valuable member of the team and learn all of the ins and outs of your chosen industry. As an assistant you’ll have an eagle-eye view of all of it and be able to find where you view your own career path heading. As an assistant, you’ll also be in a position to get promoted from within when the right position opens up in the company you’re currently working for or find an opening at a competing company that wants someone already well versed in your industry or an inside view of their competitor.

This isn’t a quick process and you’re going to have to prove yourself through your work ethic, your interpersonal skills and your drive but if you really want a career that you care about and love, this is one of the best way to go about getting it. Unless, of course, you’re the boss’s son or daughter.

Lastly, you don’t need our training to get there but if you do take the assistant route, we guarantee that you’ll prove yourself faster and become a valuable member of the team in a shorter period of time if you’re armed with our ProAssisting Training Program.

Pizza anyone?

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