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What We Can’t Teach You - Blog Series Intro

Submitted by Ethan


Here at ProAssisting, we’re all about supporting and training executive assistants, administrative assistants and personal assistants. That’s what all four parts of our training and support program were designed to do.

And in terms of the work and office interactions our members encounter as assistants, through our membership forum, our goal is to point them in the right direction and lay out their options based on our 20+ years of experience.

From how to fix the copier machine to how to ask for that raise, answer that interview question or resolve a dispute with a peer, we know we’ve got the experience to cover their back and tell it like it is straight up at the same time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have put our hard work, our names, a significant time commitment and our money on the line with this venture of ours.

But here’s the funny thing… The most important parts of succeeding at your job or in a lifelong career, whether that is being an assistant or in another position, we can’t teach you!

And the dirty little secret is… no one can.

There are traits, characteristics and attributes that you need to make a conscious choice about in your own head in terms of what they mean to you should you want to be successful in the working world.

I can hear you asking now…

“But do some people get by on their wit, looks, charm and without taking these traits into account or even caring about them?”
Sure. But that’s not us and this blog series isn’t for them so if you do get by on your wit, charms and looks alone, you can stop reading right now and be on your merry little way.

Through this blog series, we’re going to describe these universal attributes so you can give yourself an honest assessment of where you stand on each. Only once you assess your grade can you make changes to improve and thrive.

Even though these posts will be written from the viewpoint of the working assistant, they also will resonate with anyone who has succeeded in the past or has a desire to succeed in the future.

The first one up is “your work ethic & taking pride in your work”. We’ll be posting that next week so sign up for our RSS feed right now so you don’t miss it. Photo credit: Anyaka


#1. Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Wonderful article - there is so much about being a great Admin Assistant that you can only learn from doing it, but this website and all the resources you have posted are wonderful additions to the Admin’s toolkit.

I am a fairly new admin, having spent 8.5 years on the other side as a department head, made a career change to pursue a business of my own, and had to return to the work world when the economy rejected my business idea (LOL). I’m now two years into the Admin Assistant realm, and learning a LOT.

I know more about what makes a good Admin now, as well as what makes a good Manager, and can’t wait to see more good stuff on the site. What I’ve found already has been truly valuable.

#2. Posted by Ethan

Thanks for the comment… this blog series will be updated tomorrow so keep an eye out for that.

#3. Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

This is such an informative article. I am brand new to admin assisting, making the decision to change careers after three layoffs in four years (software education). 

I haven’t obtained my first assignment yet, but your Web site will certainly get me there well informed.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the beta test-out. 

The links to additional resources, like free powerpoint templates, affords me the opportunity to work through presentations on my own and with some amazing results.

Thanks again and wishing you great success.





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