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The #1 Rule of Being an Assistant is…

Submitted by Ethan

imageThe #1 rule of being an executive assistant, admin assistant, personal assistant, group assistant, any kind of assistant really including working as an intern is…

... to make your boss look good!

It’s really a very simple concept but you’d be surprised at how often this doesn’t happen.

The first step is to get every client, customer, superior, peer and subordinate to like working with you. They have to feel that you’re part of the team and willing to do whatever you can to make “things” happen.

From how you answer the phone to having a “can-do” / “we’ll fix it” / “I’ll figure it out” attitude to keeping your boss informed of all details when they need to be informed to having a strong work ethic to being patient with a “sense of urgency”... all of these attributes will contribute to making your boss look good.

It’s also just as important to keep distractions or things that your boss doesn’t need to know, off their plate and out of their mind. This gives them more time to focus on excelling at their job instead of dealing with distractions. Performing as an assistant at this level isn’t easy but over time, you’ll learn the rhythms and preferences of your boss and it’ll become second nature… almost like mind reading.

And just to be clear here, looking good includes performing at the top of their game.

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#1. Posted by physician jobs

Agreed. The quickest way to climb the ladder in any business is to make your boss look good. It can be difficult and humbling depending on the personality of your boss but it is essential. The quicker you learn this rule the quicker you will get promotions.





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