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Sweet - SarcMark: A punctuation mark for sarcasm!

Submitted by Ethan

punctuation for sarcasm

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read an email, IM, Facebook post or comment online and not known if the person writing the remark was serious or not. Most of the time I don’t even know them personally, just via email with no handle on their personalities so it’s hard to tell.

As discussed in our training, there is no place for sarcasm in business communications but now, with SarcMark, a punctuation mark specifically for sarcasm, that might be changing.

Say you’re in sales and you’re trying to build a rapport with a potential client by being funny—great idea if you’re in person but via email or text, a bit risky—then this new punctuation mark could help. However, if it doesn’t catch on and reach critical mass, no one will know what it is anyway.

We’re gonna keep an eye on this one but given that it costs $1.99 to download (why not free?), call us skeptical… don’t get us wrong though, the idea is genius and we’re pulling for it to succeed. And you can be sure we’ll update our training if is does catch on.


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Love it!! I have been waiting for something like this!!





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