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So you wanna be a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Submitted by Ethan

Sydni Craig-HartBeyond the e-learning modules, downloadable templates/checklists and resources that we provide to our enrollees, the other main component of our training is the member forum where they put us through our paces and ask us anything that comes up in either their job search or while working as assistants.

One common line of questioning surrounds that of being a Virtual Assistant or VA. What do they do? How do they get started? What do they charge?... and any number of other questions. Not being virtual assistants ourselves, we felt it best to seek out a top VA—in this case a VA coach and trainer—and get their take on how they made the transition to becoming a VA and what working as a VA is all about.

Thankfully Sydni Craig-Hart, founder of—a VA coaching service—, was more than willing to get on the phone with us and answer our questions. Now that our members have had a chance to listen to this interview, we’re pleased to offer it to you, our blog readers, to get a better understanding of what being a virtual assistant is all about. Enjoy!

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#1. Posted by Virtual assistant india

What a great idea of paying it forward, in a way that will ultimately benefit the industry.The better the quality of the VA the better the reputation of the industry particularly as there seems to be controversy about partnering with a VA or employing one. (I believe you partner with a VA not employ one).

#2. Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I am glad to see there is coaching assistance available for VA’s.  Thanks.

I’m happy to hear that there is an online training or coaching for virtual assistants. I’m going to go through this module in order for me to learn and improve my skills as a virtual assistant.

Hey its really nice idea to provide online training to the VA. this would not only improve the quality of services offered by the VA’s but also help the industry to come up in more flourished way.

#5. Posted by johnv

This blog is really very informative. I think very few people know how a Virtual assistant can help their business. Virtual assistant utilize latest technologies to deliver their services and to communicate with clients and they can handle wide variety of support services through a single point of contact. Virtual assistant can make one’s life easier and better!
A virtual assistant can help you grow your business by handling your administrative support tasks. You can outsource various tasks like accounting, advertising, clerical, administrative, answering phone calls, internet research, data entry and technical support tasks to a virtual assistant. And the best part is that you can relax and enjoy your vacation or holidays while all your works are done by your virtual assistant. Isn’t it sounds great?





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