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Quick Tip: First thing to do to fix office equipment

Submitted by Ethan

on off switchHave you ever had a problem with your computer, fax machine, copier machine or any other computer machine that is essential for you to do your job?

For me, I’m usually under the gun with my hair on fire because I need to get this work done ASAP before my boss heads out the door for their business trip… and my computer freezes or the printer stops working or my fax machine won’t send. Hyperventilating with sweat dripping from my brow, I rush into the IT department and get one of the guys (or girls) to help with my “issue”...

...And do you know what they do?

They turn the device off and then on again!

I kid you not… most all the trouble we’re having in this situation is that our computer driven piece of office equipment has run out of memory (RAM) or has gotten caught up on any number of “glitches” that fix themselves when you turn the device off and then on again!

Try it, you’ll be amazed.

Flickr Creative Commons image by pierreverhoeven






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