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Our “Best Of” Blog Content

Submitted by Ethan

After going through all of our blog content from the last year and a half, we thought it would be a good idea to take some of our best posts and content and share them in a “best of” blog post… so here we go:

General Assisting Blog Posts

Wanna know what the number 1 rule of being an assistant is?  We tell you right here.

What does your career have to do with pizza? You can read part 1 and then part 2 to find out!

What can’t we teach you? You can find out here in this three part blog series.

Want to be a virtual assistant? You can listen to an interview from a VA coach in this post.

Assisting in Hollywood

Listen to Ethan present “Hollywood 101” to UW students at this post.

How much do Hollywood assistants get paid?  We tell you here.

Why you should work for a tough boss... we include this in the Hollywood section because most bosses in Hollywood are tough.

Specific Assistant Tips, Tricks and Tools

Email triage - find out what it is and how it can help you.

Plans. Always. Change. so be prepared for it.

Under promise + Over-deliver = Success - something we can all live by.

Being an assistant can be tough. Use these tips to manage anger and irritability when you’re crazed.

On a lighter note, some tips for staying happy a work!

A tip to creating “easy to remember” & “secure” computer/online passwords.

Use your “out of office” assistant!

Screen shots can help you get your point across or share something important with your boss.

This is the BEST question to ask when you’re communicating with someone who is cold, mean or uncooperative.


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