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How do YOU handle being slammed at work?

Submitted by Ethan

paperworkYep, that’s right… I’m slammed with work… Work at my “day job” I might add.

We got big news as an ad agency recently: We’re merging with another shop.

Our North American agency of under 1000 employees is merging with a world wide agency with over 8000 employees. Usually when a smaller shop merges with a larger shop, the large shop takes over and cleans house but with this merger, it’s the other way around. Our management team and a majority of our employees are staying put while the North American arm of the larger agency is being folded into us.

And that’s a really good thing with one negative, short-term consequence.

First, it’s great because my boss got promoted and is really running the show now on the account management and operations side of the business. Love my boss, we’ve got an amazing working relationship and so my position is secure… and until ProAssisting (which she knows about and supports) takes over and allows me to devote all of my time to it, having a “day job” for a boss I love working for is a great thing.

BUT… there is a ton more work on my plate as a result. Dealing with spreadsheets and organization charts and trying to get all of their information to match with ours is a big—and very confidential—task… one that falls to me to make these documents as coherent as possible for my boss… thus, I’m slammed at work.

How do you deal with being slammed at work? For me, I batch my tasks and try to take things one step at a time. Also, if something simple pops up that would take me 3 minutes to complete, I do it, get it out of the way and then return my focus to the larger tasks. I usually find that at the beginning of such large tasks, the work seems overwhelming but as I get into it and start knockin’ bits and pieces of it out, it never seems as bad as I thought it would be. As a last resort, sometimes I come into the office real early, stay late or come in on the weekend to have some time with no distractions to get caught up and get back on my game.

How about you?... How do you deal with being slammed at work?

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