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Happy (belated) New Year!

Submitted by Ethan

fireworksHappy (belated) New Year!

Here’s to wishing you and yours a successful 2010 to kick off the new decade. ProAssisting came into being last year and this year our goal is to expand upon the great successes we’ve had so far…

Just to re-cap, in addition to becoming a featured writer for Monster’s AdminSecret, we had a very robust beta testing period thanks to their community of assistants who put our training through its paces. Then, we opened our doors and right out of the gate formed a 1-for-1 partnership with the prestigious and world wide philanthropy Dress for Success. All-in-all, a great start to our fledgling company!

Welcome to VegasTo get some rest and relazation before the start of 2010, Steph and I headed to Las Vegas. Stephanie has never been to Vegas so we decided to leave NYC behind for a New Year’s Eve out on the strip. What a great trip we had… and yes, if you can believe it, we left winners!

Sadie wasn’t too happy with us for being left behind but she had a great time staying at our dog walker’s home and playing with his 1 year old puppy so all was not lost… I think she’s just getting over being mad at us:) I’m sure Steph will post some more pics of her soon.

As for 2010 and ProAssisting, we’ve got some great free content coming your way via our blog, we’re working on our free “Assistant Tool Kit” which will give you some of the information and tactics we teach on the inside of our training straight to your inbox via email and we’re going to continue to work with Dress for Success by helping their clients achieve greater success through our training. Should be an exciting time so stick around and check back often to see what we’re cookin’ up to help assistants of every variety!

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