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Anna Wintour’s daughter is NOT afraid of assisting!

Submitted by Stephanie

Bree Shaffer and Anna WintourI know I said two weeks back that I wasn’t going to blog about assisting but rather about what we (Ethan, Sadie and I) are doing behind the scenes of ProAssisting however after coming across this story through my fashionista reading, I had to post about it!

Bree Shaffer, daughter of Anna Wintour (one of the hardest people to work for as an assistant—see Devil Wears Prada—), has decided to get her foot in the door in the entertainment industry not by riding in on her Mum’s coat tails—as most of us would given the opportunity—... No, she has decided to start at the bottom by working as an assistant for College Humor co-founder, Rick Van Veen!

Needless to say, I’m very impressed that Bree is taking such a step. Lord knows that she has seen first hand what assistants can be put through so putting that aside and jumping in with both feet gets my full respect. A source in the report is quoted as saying that Bree is “not afraid to do grunt work,” which will serve her well as an assistant and is advice that we give to all of our enrollees through our training.

Grunt work done well equals respect which will eventually equal a promotion… the trick is to stick it out and form a working relationship with your boss that demonstrates your commitment to them, their job and the company.

Good luck Bree, we’re pullin’ for ya!... and if you need any assistant training to learn the ropes and shine from day one, we’ve got your back.






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