Tips for Being a Good Boss & An Update

being a good bossA member of ours recently read our white paper, “Defining Assistant Excellence” (.pdf format) and suggested that we create a white paper for bosses entitled “Defining Executive Excellence” that might help bosses create a better working relationship with their assistants.

We think that’s a great idea but given everything that’s going on in our lives right now -see update below-, I thought I’d give a couple of tips right here that will help even the toughest boss create a great working relationship with their assistant.

Before I go into those tips though, please note that these are just a general overview of what we (both Ethan and I) feel help us perform at a high level for our bosses.  They are both great bosses but there has been a give and take aspect of getting to know each others quarks that take time to smooth out when starting out as an assistant.  Tensions sometimes run high in both the finance and advertising worlds where we both work, but in general, these three characteristics that our bosses possess go a long way to creating a strong working relationship.

And the best part?  Any boss can employ these tactics real quick… so here they are:

1. When bosses use “Please” and “Thank You”, they go a long way in creating a solid working relationship with their assistant that will make their assistants want to bend over backwards and go above-and-beyond to please you.

2. When bosses set the rules and then sticks to them without changing them or their preferences from one instance to the next, they create a trusting relationship that is needed between boss and assistant.

3. When bosses understand that there are “uncontrollable” situations and don’t take instances that are beyond their assistant’s control against them will again create an endearing relationship where your assistant will tell you like it is but also work hard to come up with unique and out-of-the-box solutions to the particular “uncontrollable” situation.

What do you think?... If you have any additions to this list, please put them in the comments.


Now for an update to our BIG NEWS post:  I’ve got about a week and a half until my due date and my Doctor is going to induce if we reach the due date sooooo… Baby Bull should be entering the world pretty dang soon!

In terms of sex of the baby, we kinda went the unconventional route with Ethan knowing the sex and me not… pretty crazy and I was certain that he was going to spill the beans at some point but here we are a week and a half out and he still hasn’t… I’m amazed.  The baby’s room is all ready and getting that done has put us both at ease.  Sadie has been spending time in there sniffing everything out (she’s our dog if you’re a new reader) and we’re sure she’s going to be amazing with Baby Bull.

Anyway, that’s about it… Ethan will update the blog with all the details when Baby Bull enters the world… needless to say, I image I’m going to be a wee bit pooped when all is said and done so please bear with us if we don’t get back to your emails right away… we’re here, just a little bogged down.  And of course, Ethan will stay on top of any questions coming his way via the forum or email for our paying members.

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