Executive Benefits

Providing Executives With Better Work–Life Balance


Every company wants to get the best performance from their executives. We've found current administrative and executive assistant support staffs are being stretched thin and asked to support more executives than in years past.

However, this reduction in individual support comes at a cost. And more often than not, that cost means limiting the personal work that executives formerly asked their assistants to perform. Instead of being a company that just says they care about the work–life balance of their executives, how can they actually show them?

Be the company that shows your executives you do care about their work-life balance.

ProAssisting Executive Benefits offers your executives personal and lifestyle management support on a monthly basis as a benefit provided by your company. These benefits will enhance and complement your current assistant support structure.

We help create a better work–life balance for your executives and their families… and make them better executives in the process.

To learn how everyone wins, what we can provide and how much it costs, download our complete brochure.


Looking for more?

Does your company need an outside point of view and assessment of your assistant support staff to be sure they are efficiently serving your executives at the highest level possible? By leveraging our experience working with teams of assistants in a variety of industries, ProAssisting consults with companies who want to be sure they are getting the highest level of service and hospitality from their assistant populations. Get in touch to start a conversation about how we could enhance or completely transform the way your executives are supported by your assistant staff.