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Stephanie Bull

// CEO & Co-Founder

Stephanie thrived working for two different multi-billion dollar hedge fund CEOs, and the CEO of J. Crew by using her superb interpersonal skills, attention to detail and customer/client focused mindset to meet the high level of expectations set by her demanding, discerning and successful bosses.

From project managing an office build-out in NYC as well as the construction and decoration of an estate on the coast of Connecticut, to coordinating worldwide travel itineraries via private jet charters with first class accommodations, Stephanie has the ability to see the vision and end result of any project or task and work towards that goal to successful completion.

A graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, outside of work Stephanie enjoys reading, dinner with friends, walks with her dog, Sadie, and coordinating early Sunday morning pillow fights on Ethan with her two sons, Wyatt and Henry.


Ethan Bull

// Co-Founder

Little did he know it but the foundation of Ethan’s service based mindset -a great foundation for being an executive assistant- was formed after his father bought a restaurant, Polimeni’s, in their hometown. Through working for his father from busboy all the way up to assistant manager, Ethan learned the importance of hospitality without even realizing it.

It wasn’t until he was tasked with managing teams of assistants that he realized what separates the average assistant from the exceptional one is the difference between service and hospitality--the same type of hospitality he learned at Polimeni’s. Armed with this insight, Ethan became very good at shifting an assistant’s mindset from just performing the job to providing high-touch hospitality.

A graduate of Bentley University, Ethan spends his time outside the office with Stephanie, sons Wyatt and Henry, and their dog Sadie. He also enjoys playing music, skiing, hitting the links and toiling away at the next great American novel.


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