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We are true Executive Assistants

  • Given all of the disruptions and changes to today's workplace, you may find yourself without the proper support. 

  • You require the right level of experience and professionalism, especially in a remote environment.

  • Need turnaround times in less than an hour? How about after-hour support and weekend help? 

  • Unlike virtual assistants, professional remote assistants from ProAssisting have extensive real-world experience and are limited to only three principals.

The ProAssisting Difference

47+ years experience
3 : 1 Client to EA Ratio
100k+ hours saved
$1MM+ Comp Savings

Professional fractional assistant

More and more people are looking for remote jobs; however, before remote work became the norm, we provided our clients with a remote and fractional executive assistant for administrative, executive and personal support as a cost-effective alternative to hiring an assistant in-house. Now, more than ever, our process is helping executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs thrive under challenging circumstances in a fast-paced environment.

Our Process
Person talking to their professional virtual assistant

Don't settle on the wrong level of support

Whether you've tried a remote assistant in the past and need something more, or you're looking for alternatives to an in-house executive assistant, find the right level of support for clerical and administrative functions to fit your professional and personal life. Strike a balance between integrated assistance and flexibility with a professional remote assistant.

Who We Are
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Karen Finerman

"I needed business and personal executive assistant support without the need of a full-time executive assistant in my office. I was happy to learn that ProAssisting would provide that support remotely. In addition to the more typical tasks and detailed scheduling and planning, they have been creative problem solvers for any requests and demands the work entails. I’ve been with ProAssisting for over five years now and recommend them for anyone looking for remote executive assistant support."


Karen Finerman CNBC’s Fast Money Contributor & NYTimes Best Selling Author, “Finerman’s Rules”, Board Member
A Note from our Founders

Why You Need a Remote Executive Assistant

Your time is valuable. The internal and external communications we have with business owners, senior executives, and board members often focus on understanding how much time they spend managing their businesses. As a business leader, your main goals are likely business development or product innovation. But how much time do you have to spend on these responsibilities? What tasks and projects have you been spending time on that do have to get done but not necessarily by you?

Partnering with the right remote assistant will provide you support where you need it most. Your life can be easier by outsourcing your needs to a remote position, allowing you to concentrate on the crucial aspects of your profession. Except for tasks that would require a physical presence in your location, a remote assistant or a fractional executive assistant can perform the same tasks that an in-house executive assistant can.

A Professional Remote Assistant can help you handle the day-to-day aspects of business management: perform clerical tasks and administrative work of a confidential and critical nature, manage internal and external communications such as phone calls and emails, and prepare monthly expense reports. Other benefits include scheduling meetings, keeping track of your tasks and to-do's, including aspects of project management, or even helping you manage your personal life - they will become a true extension of you and your team. There are dozens of companies that can match you with a Remote Assistant. We're not like that. We have a strict process of searching for the ideal candidate and will find the right remote assistant that best fits your needs and fulfills your requirements.

All our Remote Assistants are detail-oriented and have a robust set of skills, including excellent written communication skills, and have a hospitality mindset in communicating with internal and external executives and assistants. When you select ProAssisting for your remote executive assistant jobs, our price-point and reputation of providing excellent high-level administrative support will assure you quality and reliable work.

We have spoken with hundreds of individuals who want to explore career opportunities and transition to professional remote executive assistant jobs. However, we are only partnering with the best and the brightest to drive company success. When you join forces with a highly skilled and experienced Executive Assistant, your stress level will decrease, burnout will be mitigated, and you can go back to doing what you love in pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

We would love to share what ProAssisting can offer you. If you have questions, take a look at our FAQ page, or send us your question and we'd be happy to answer it for you!

All the best,


Stephanie Bull & Ethan Bull

ProAssisting - Remote Executive Assistance

Wondering if a remote, fractional executive assistant is the right fit?

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